1. How long have you been a CASA?

I completed training in the fall of 2020 and received by first case in January.

2.  What brought you to apply to become a CASA?

I’ve considered it for a long time, but never had the time. When the pandemic hit, I knew it was time to do more for my community and CASA seemed like the perfect option.

3. Besides being a CASA volunteer, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I work full time for the IU Foundation and I coach volleyball for a local middle school and a club team. I enjoy spending time with my husky and my family/friends, gardening, traveling, photography and baking.

4. What do you love the most about being a CASA?

I think the CASA program is an overall amazing program. The dedicated team and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the best for their kids. These kids are going through a rough time, often at such an early age, and we have the opportunity to be a bright spot for them and remind them how important they are to our world.

5. And now for a little fun, what’s a hidden talent or unusual fact that most people don’t know about you?

My family name is actually Lasagna. When my family came from Italy in the early 1900’s, they were recorded as Lasagna on ship records. It’s not really clear why, but my great grandmother and her children, including my grandfather, changed their last name to her mother’s maiden name in the 1930’s.