1. How long have you been a CASA?
    Since April 2013.
  2. What brought you to apply to become a CASA?
    Since I retired from being a Nursing Home Administrator, I got involved with a few different volunteer endeavors such as Hospice, Habitat, Indiana Legal Services, and Thriving Connections, etc. My parents always were helping people who needed assistance in one way or another.

    When I taught elementary in the late 70’s, I reported some incidents to administration about suspected abuse and neglect and was told to butt out. That has bothered me to this day. I had no idea that by signing up to be a CASA the enormity of children who didn’t have anyone to advocate for them. I’m pretty good at figuring out where to look and then secure things for the kiddos that DCS was unable to do.

  3. Besides being a CASA volunteer, what do you like to do in your spare time?
    In my spare time I am outside working in my yard and flower areas. With 13 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, there are a lot of sports, and extra-curricular events and grandparent day, graduations, weddings, etc. Most of my kiddos live in other states so I get to travel. My newest hobby is raising milkweed for monarch butterflies. The baby “cats” have to be fed and housed in a habitat so they are not food for wasps, etc.
  4. What do you love the most about being a CASA?
    I enjoy being able to interact with so many other agencies and their representatives and can often utilize my background to give input. I was amazed that a lot of teachers aren’t aware of simple things to help a child who has ADHD is one example. I feel satisfaction when a judge or an attorney and yes, sometimes a parent, thanks me for everything I did that made a difference to a child.
  5. And now for a little fun, what’s a hidden talent or unusual fact that most people don’t know about you?
    When I was younger, I often played taps at military funerals. I have no ability to do that anymore and sold my trumpet several years ago! You might find me on a ladder painting my house, either inside or outside.