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If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that will help make a difference in the lives of children, Monroe County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) could be the organization for you. Going through the court system adds a lot of stress to a child already struggling with their home life. According to The Herald-Times, in 2021, 21% of Monroe County CASA cases involved physical abuse. CASA helps to provide greater representation to children that have been abused or neglected. A CASA observes a child in their placement and gets to know them so they can best advocate for them in court. Many of these children live in ever-changing environments that include numerous foster placements and different service providers. The CASA is oftentimes the one constant in a child’s life and the only one they can trust. 

About CASA

As an organization, CASA brings healing and hope to abused and neglected children. As a CASA, you have the opportunity to directly impact a child’s life for the best. It is a volunteer opportunity like no other. A current Monroe County CASA volunteer shares, “the most rewarding aspect of being a CASA volunteer is that it teaches what is necessary to serve and to truly commit to justice. It has taught me how to love bigger than I ever thought possible. I have changed the direction of these children’s lives by giving them someone to trust and confide in. Then, advocate on behalf of their best interest to everyone included in the case.” 

Many of these children have unique circumstances and benefit from having a trusted adult who can support them during a difficult time. As a CASA, you will have the opportunity to change a child’s story, making sure their case has the best possible outcome. You can be the one to show them that they have someone on their side to be their voice.

CASA’s are crucial in every court hearing because they know the child’s situation better than anyone else in the room. Many times they are the only one with the child  throughout that entire case. This adds tremendous emotional strength for a child who has to go through this experience. A CASA can be their voice if they are unable or do not want to speak on their own behalf in court. It’s a fulfilling and powerful volunteer experience for you to be a part of.

CASA Volunteer with Teen Girl

How to Get Involved with CASA

So, you want to be a CASA, but you are concerned that you aren’t a good fit? This is an understandable worry as being a CASA can seem like a very difficult job. It requires a lot of time and dedication, but the impact is immeasurable. Another current CASA volunteer shares, “if you have it in your heart to become a CASA but aren’t sure if you are capable, know that if you are capable of loving, you are capable of serving as an advocate for these children.”

If you still are worried that the commitment is too much, there are other ways you can support CASA. You can share information with people who might be a good fit and support CASA through fundraising and community events. You can also share information about CASA by sharing social media posts. Overall, CASA is a great organization that you can be a part of to help children when they need it most. When you commit to becoming a CASA, you commit to an organization that helps ensure that children feel listened to, cared for, and understood. Help CASA create change and bring greater representation for the children of Monroe County that are in need.

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Written by: Sydney Moseler