1. How long have you been a Child Visit Monitor?

I completed my training in June 2018.

2.  What brought you to apply to become a Child Visit Monitor?

For several years, I had felt a calling to become involved with CASA. However, with my other obligations, the time commitment felt a bit overwhelming. When the CVM program came up, I jumped at the chance. From my past involvement in different social service agencies, I knew there were children in our community that were in need of services, programs, etc. Sometimes all it takes is having someone to facilitate that process to connect those services, programs to families and, specifically, children. The thought of having an impact in this process was appealing.

3. Besides being a CASA volunteer, what do you like to do in your spare time?

For the past several years, the majority of my time has been spent raising my children and attending and, participating in, their activities. I spend a lot of my time attending and watching sporting events, especially IU. I love walking for exercise and also I have a 15 year old dog that I enjoy taking on leisurely walks! I am also a chapter advisor for Pi Beta Phi sorority. Spending time with family and hosting family gatherings is on the top of my list of things I love!

4. What do you love the most about being a CASA?

I love visiting with the kids!! Beyond that, I love knowing that I am a small part of the amazing work done by the CASA organization.