1. How long have you been a CASA?
    I completed the training in early September 2020 and was assigned my first case in mid-September.
  2. What brought you to apply to become a CASA?
    Timing and opportunity! I had often heard about the CASA program and thought volunteering would be a way I could add value, but I wasn’t sure I could make the commitment and didn’t pursue it. I worked with kids on a literacy program and in various volunteer roles over the years and was often amazed by their individual uniqueness and insights. These experiences also made me more aware of how children can be affected by things outside their control. Seeing the inequity that came to light during the pandemic motivated me to hesitate no longer and sign up for training.
  3. Besides being a CASA volunteer, what do you like to do in your spare time?
    In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family, work outside on the yard and cook (sometimes old favorites and sometimes something new). I do miss traveling, so I hope to spend some spare time in the near future planning some memorable family vacations.
  4. What do you love the most about being a CASA?
    Looking back on the past 5 months, I have to say it is spending time with the kids and getting to know them has been the most enjoyable. I have also enjoyed building and being part of a team. Solutions have not always been so clear until we all put our heads together. I am also thankful for a great supervisor that is always there for counsel.
  5. And now for a little fun, what’s a hidden talent or unusual fact that most people don’t know about you?
    Well, I have lived in 2 other countries, besides the US, and 6 different states. I have also taken lessons in four different languages (Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese) and can speak none of them fluently!