One of the most astonishing things about CASA is the cost-efficiency of what we do. We provide a depth of service to victimized children that couldn’t be provided by any other model without staggering cost. The magic behind this is the remarkable commitment of so many people who provide their help without financial compensation. That includes local attorneys. But we need more.

Monroe County CASA maintains a roster of attorneys who have agreed to provide their services to our volunteers on a pro bono basis. But, our list of attorneys is dwindling and we’re finding ourselves with greater and greater need for legal representation in our cases. Therefore, CASA is seeking additional attorneys to join our team.

CASA attorneys are asked to represent the volunteer (not the child) and they typically remain involved in a case for a few months to a year. We do our best to allow our attorneys a respite between cases, and of course, attorneys always have the option to decline when asked if they can take a case.

If you are an attorney, our staff would love to discuss this opportunity with you. If you are not an attorney, would you help us spread the word in the community about this important need? Questions or interest should be directed to Jill Jolliff at .