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Jordy’s Story

CASA Facility Dog - Jordy 1

Photos by © Liz Kay Photography

Jordy’s training didn’t begin at ICAN, but rather at birth. Jordy’s DNA is a carefully considered recipe to create the best temperament in a working dog. While he was purposely bred to be a working dog, it’s not known until he’s older what type of service his skill set would be his best match.

Jordy was born in Corvallis, Oregon with the goal of being trained as a guide dog for the blind. One important requirement for guide dogs is that they must be able to urinate on any surface, including concrete. This was something that Jordy just couldn’t adjust to and the guide dog program contacted ICAN.

ICAN happily accepted Jordy when he was just 15 months old and continued his rigorous training to prepare him for service.