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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Courthouse Facility Dog Program of Monroe County CASA is to provide neutral assistance and comfort to children in our community as they participate in stressful legal proceedings.

    CASA Facility Dog - Jordy 1 CASA Facility Dog - Jordy 2
    Photos by © Liz Kay Photography

    Did you know?

    Jordy is a graduate Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN). ICAN is a member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI), who have established the highest standards in dog breeding, training, and partnership since 1987. In order to maintain his certification as an assistance dog, Jordy must have regular contact with ICAN, including monthly updates on his work and demonstrating he can pass a public access test annually. It’s through his initial training in his first 2 years of life, and his ongoing training that ensures Jordy is safe to be around children in the courtroom.

    Only about 40-50% of all dogs that enter service dog programs actually go on to serve in a working role.

    Jordy can provide comfort to a child during forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, depositions, and court hearings.

    Jordy and his handler, Tia Arthur, completed team training in December 2016.

    Jordy and Monroe County CASA are the first CASA program in Indiana to have a courthouse facility dog program.

    Currently, Jordy is one of 137 dogs in 35 states working in courtrooms today.

    Jordy lives with Tia and her family of two children, a husband, and 6 fish. They enjoy having Jordy in their home, “when he’s just a regular dog”.

    Jordy’s birthdate is October 13, 2014. His dad is Kash and his mom is Blythe.

    Jordy weights 60 lbs. and has a very strict diet– so no snacking for this doggie!

    Jordy loves to play with toys as a reward for the work he does with kids, he likes to lay on his back and hold the toy with his paws while getting his belly scratched by his handler!

    Jordy has 37 commands he can follow. He can pick up just about anything you request, close doors and drawers, push a ball back and forth with a child, and give hugs just to name a few.

    Jordy’s Story

    Jordy’s training didn’t begin at ICAN, but rather at birth. Jordy’s DNA is a carefully considered recipe to create the best temperament in a working dog. While he was purposely bred to be a working dog, it’s not known until he’s older what type of service his skill set would be his best match. Jordy was born in Corvallis, Oregon with the goal of being trained as a guide dog for the blind. One important requirement for guide dogs is that they must be able to urinate on any surface, including concrete. This was something that Jordy just couldn’t adjust to and the guide dog program contacted ICAN. ICAN happily accepted Jordy when he was just 15 months old and continued his rigorous training to prepare him for service.

    Jordy’s veterinary care is sponsored in part by:
    Grant Minnemeyer
    Ridgeline Veterinary Services
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